Monday, May 30, 2005

Finally Getting Excited

I've been sick for almost two weeks now with a nasty sinus infection unlike anything I've ever had before. This in combination with dealing with the stresses of starting a new life (new cell phone, email), money issues (setting up a massive wire transfer for the WSOP, trying to increase my ATM withdrawal power), and saying goodbye to all my college friends really had me down and frustrated. Further, I had been treading water in the cash games for several days which was starting to diminish my confidence (sky-high beforehand).

Friday Paul aka Kwicky and I put in a mutual session, 4 1k tables at a time. We got off to a fast start before losing 1k with KK against AA. Paul was able to patch a few of the leaks in my game that had been slowing me down (mainly too much preflop raising and reraising and too much bluffing; Paul reminded me that my strength has always been after the flop and to keep the pot small before the flop, and that most players do not fold enough). After 1400 hands we had recorded a monster win (actually my biggest cash game win ever, until half went to Paul).

One big hand that had us both shaking our heads in laughter 24 hours later: all folds to the button who raises the minimum. We call in the SB with A9o and the BB folds. Flop is AKK and we both check. Turn is an ace and we trap-check and he checks behind us. River is the last ace and the board is now AAAKK (we have the nuts of course). We bet about $80 into a pot of $50 hoping he will call with the board for a split. Seconds later he raises all in for $1670 total!!! I look at Paul dumbfounded and he calmly says "go ahead, call." He had KK!!!

Anyways now I am finally feeling a little better. After that big win and reading my stories from the Bellagio tournaments last winter I remembered there are good reasons why I became a professional poker player. Excitement for the WSOP is finally growing in me as the hour approaches.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


I will be in Las Vegas from June 2, 2005 to July 16, 2005 playing in the 2005 World Series of Poker. This blog will be updated daily to let you all know what is going on here and the day's events.